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Lord Beecham attacks Chris Grayling – Lord McNally responds

I can only record 3 minutes on Audioboo because I’m too mean to pay for a premium account. Call it an austerity measure.

If you want to hear more – and there are some very good bits – and inevitably a fair amount of tedium – the whole debate is available on the Parliament TV player and can be accessed here.

You need to scroll to about 15:07  on the TV player for the start of the debate; Lord Ramsbotham’s opening speech is first-class. (He was Chief Inspector of Prisons, I think, after a distinguished military career).

Lord Beecham who dishes it out to Chris Grayling, can be seen on the player at around 15:21. He advises Lord McNally to plead guilty at around 15:25.

I said something similar a few days ago here.

Lord McNally really struggles to respond to the withering criticisms – his little outburst that’s on the ‘Boo’ above comes at around 15:32:30

What’s clear is that the criticisms that we all have of the MoJ and the Lord Chancellor are now being voiced more openly and more frequently, beyond the Justice Committee and Public Accounts Committee.

The debate in the House of Commons should be very interesting.


2 comments on “Lord Beecham attacks Chris Grayling – Lord McNally responds

  1. utterbarrister
    June 27, 2013

    Thanks for the heads-up GG.

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